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Packagings for dangerous goods

UN specification packagings are used to transport dangerous goods. Meedres Dangerous Goods OÜ offers the biggest 4GV package variety in the Baltics, which includes the types of supplies such as hazard labels, vermiculite, absorbent materials, and adhesive tape.

We offer thermal packaging for temperature sensitive goods which can be used with either cold elements or dry ice.

4G vs 4GV

The difference between 4G and 4GV packaging is the inner packaging which can be used inside the aforementioned packaging. 4G packaging can only be used with the same inner packagins that they were tested with.



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4GV boxes have been tested with many inner packagings. There are no limits to the variety of inner packaging. As packing 4GV the requirement is to use vermiculate and cushioning material together with polyester granules, then in case of regular transport it is reasonable to test the product additionally to assure the compatibility with 4G packaging. In case of regular transport the 4G packaging helps lower the cost of packing and transport significantly.


  • It is required to use the same inner packaging that was used to fit the outer packaging.
  • It is required that the inner packaging is used in the same way as in the test.
  • It is required that the closure of the packaging is done the same way as in the test.
  • In case of regular transport it is required to use the packaging that has been tried out with customer’s product packaging.


  • With inner packaging it is important to follow the minimal allowed distance from each other, the walls of the outer packaging, ceiling and floor.
  • As an absorbent material it is required to use vermiculate or polystyrene granules and absorbent pads.
  • It is required to follow the weight limit.
  • In case of one time transport it is allowed to use a random inner packaging.

UN specification package can be recognized by the UN specification marking.


KarbidMõõdud (mm)Suurim kogukaalKarpe alusel
4GV3115 x 115 x 2702,60 kg750
4GV6175 x 155 x 2205,80 kg900
4GV1155 x 155 x 2654,50 kg800
4GV2260 x 130 x 3002,70 kg420
4GV13275 x 195 x 30013,00 kg240
4GV5270 x 220 x 3005,00 kg280
4GV7325 x 255 x 3007,00 kg280
4GV20385 x 285 x 30020,00 kg120
4GV28430 x 310 x 30028,00 kg120
4GV40390 x 390 x 43040,00 kg120
4GV22600 x 395 x 30522,00 kg70
4GV24420 x 420 x 46024,00 kg140
4GV35610 x 410 x 51034,00 kg70
4GV55570 x 375 x 43055,00 kg70
4GV160770 x 570 x 550160,00 kg70
4GV2161170 x 770 x 600216,00 kg70
4GV2451170 x 770 x 740245,00 kg70
50G1170 x 770 x 740Kuni 600,00 kg70


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