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We offer packaging for dangerous goods



What types of problems do we help solve?


An employee is going to a trade fair, but the product prototypes are now allowed in the baggage.

Everyday life

A pet needs to be tested in a laboratory of a foreign country.


You need to send products and samples to partners and potential resellers.
Frequent problems that occur:

1. Where to get the packaging from?

2. How to package?

3. How to prepare the necessary documentation?

Our competence

Our team has been trained in the ADR, IMDG and the IATA regulation section.

  • We provide our customers with UN packaging and supplies.
  • We test our packages to see if they fit with customer’s inner packaging if need be
  • Or we produce an entirely new UN specified packaging.

We also offer trainings that cover IATA 1st,2nd, 3rd and 6th category and consultations regarding dangerous goods in the entire length of the supply chain.

Our products and services

Packaging of dangerous goods

Meedres Dangerous Goods focuses on packaging dangerous goods for air, road and marine transportation.

Selling packages

UN specification packagings are used to transport dangerous goods. Meedres Dangerous Goods offers the biggest 4GV package variety in the Baltics.

Training and advice

Having more than 10 years of experience in the dangerous goods transportation field we are competent to consult regarding the entire length of the supply chain.


Trust the transportation of dangerous goods to professionals

Call us at +372 5626 7457 or email us by filling out the form below.

Ettevõtte andmed

Meedres Dangerous Goods OÜ

Registri kood: 14265914

Juriidiline aadress: Fosforiidi 4, Maardu 74114

Tegevusaadress: Tapri 5, Tallinn 11415

Accepting packages

Operating address