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Packing dangerous goods

Meedres Dangerous Goods focuses on packaging dangerous goods for air, road and marine transportation.

What problems might arise when transporting dangerous goods?


Packaging according to regulations

We know which package to choose, which marking to use, how to place the goods, how to close the package, which materials to transport in which package etc.


On top of the aforementioned, all papers need to be in order which makes the topic of transporting dangerous goods extra complicated. A team of specialists is needed to fully manage it.





Different procedures take time if you do not know in what order, to where and to who documents should be sent to, or who to turn to if something doesn’t work out. International agreements, language and speed of different procedures can make this maze almost unsolvable. This is where Meedres Dangerous Goods helps out.
Our team offers a complete solution from identifying and classifying products, choosing suitable packages to packing for transport, marking and compiling the documentation for dangerous goods.

Our services:

Packing dangerous goods

Packing in customer premises

Marking and labelling the carriage

Compiling dangerous goods documentation

Packing with dry ice

A team trained on the ADR, IMDG and IATA DGR regulations


Trust the transportation of dangerous goods to professionals

Call us at +372 5626 7457 or email us by filling out the form below.

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